Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mommy Days

Saturdays try to be mommy days... a morning when Daddy takes O to morning coffee and Mommy gets to sleep in. Errands where I can jog from the car into the store and back... without buckling someone else up before me, and I can play the music in the car too loud. Today is cloudy but I feel the energy of one of the first sunny mornings of the spring.

Highlights of the week: a walk alone with B last weekend while we were in CA. O pretending to mix some mysterious something with a little yellow plastic knife and a miniature cup and then making me drink it. Clean... well clean-ER house. Belated hair cut checked off the to-do list.

And a few pics from the past weeks:

Spatter of Moments

It was cold in the house one morning and Olive was bundled up, happily munching on cheerios. Don't you wish you were carefree, bundled up and eating cheerios?

 Olive has so many different expressions, some last only a split second and it's hard to capture them. This smile is one of my favorites. My mom says she looks like me as a baby here.

One day in September we took Olive to the beach when we were in California. It was a really special day as a family. Yeay, the ocean!

We finished off the day with a trip to the Tres Amigos...according to tradition!