Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The bottom of this wheat thins box is getting a little salty. I just finished the last one, my christmas tree looking on. I am feeling a little torn between sleep and projects... but I think sleep might win out tonight.

I started a new job last week - hooray - and there are so many luxuries I now enjoy, like being busy so that I have to schedule and prioritize. No more Craigslist or job searching. Anticipating the weekend. Times of rest being more restful. Two paychecks.

I'm so excited and enjoying the approach of Christmas.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Anniversary By the Sea

My husband took me to the ocean this week for our third anniversary. It was cool, refreshing, and slow-paced. I discovered something wonderful--my yellow wellies. They carried me across salty sinkholes, foamy seaweed mountains, and into the cold tide.

Here Brian stands at the water's edge... and I have waded in (see me in the distance?)

Wanna see another favorite moment? This one is captured on video. At first we didn't recognize the moving black cloud on the horizon. Then we stood enraptured.

I love being at the beach with B--the dark skies and tumultuous waves were savage, vehement, bewitching and free.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Definition: A collection of various things.
Synonyms: conglomeration, gallimaufry, hodgepodge, jumble, medley, mélange, miscellany, mishmash, mixed bag, mixture, olio, patchwork, potpourri, variety

Salmagundi is a strange word I came across today. Although B & I have a collective blog and B has his own chronicle of creativity, I've been resistant to begin my own. Still, we all have moments of giving in, right? I don't want this blog to be a lot of things, so whatever you don't want it to be and whatever I don't want it to be, it won't be, okay?

Only... I'm not sure whether that promise is more freeing or terrifying. Freeing, freeing, sorry.
Today I slept in a little and as I was getting up, I got a "businessy" phone call. Now, when my husband wakes up, his voice is immediately full, strong and beautiful. He could conquer the world with that morning voice. Mine, on the other hand, is already pretty wimpy. Stack morning hours on top of my pitiful, diaphragm-lacking whimper--and there is no use trying to disguise the fact that I just woke up. Blip! (That's the hippest new blog profanity, by the way). Does anyone else feel like if they were abducted and had to scream for help, they would be in a lot of trouble?

Other noteables from my day--paint in my hair, another interviewer telling me that although I was wonderful, they hired the other more-wonderful candidate, being halfway through my 50s murder mystery novel, some venting of "God-I'm-tired-of-this-what-am-I-doing" stress, a beautiful rainbow against somber iron clouds, learning from Seth & Amy, admiring B's haircut and blue eyes, thankfulness.

Don't forget to drink your water today. That's enough for a first blog. First blogs shouldn't be very long. The end.