Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's wet.

Letting the morning take you in.

Sweet moment with Auntie

I've been yearning for the increased light of the sun and the way it lightens my breath and quickens my step. Still, I am trying to absorb the pensive, pervasive, melancholic peace of the rain and stratus overhead. I don't want to miss out on a breath of moisture-laden air or for my skin to momentarily forget the quiet, willful attitude of the rain here.

Today in the midst of garage sale preparations, Olive wandered out of the covering of the garage and into the rain. The simple rain. She was a bit captivated, a bit perplexed, and totally enthralled with the independence of exploration. I loved seeing her enjoy the same rain that I enjoy. She walked back and forth... well more like scampering... in the rain, letting the gutters drip the extra large drips right onto her head. Can't wait to buy rain boots for her and go out and put them to the test when we can properly stomp in the puddles.
It's wet.

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